My how life has changed

I started to blog in March 2010, it is now October 2014.. I am not that same person now.. My daughter died from overdose on August 21, 2010, a little over 4 years ago, I have been thru every emotion since then, but mostly anger and depression and shock. I hope that no parent ever has to lose a child again but I’m afraid that it happens everyday, along with all forms of other tragedies.. The one now upon us is Ebola, the first nurse that got it reminds me of Erica and she is the same age as Erica was when she died, 26..I still find every chance to remember her, even if it’s sadly.. Erica told me one day that the Bible says that God prepares a place for us to go when we die and that if she is going to get to be where she wants to be, then she’s going to ask God if she can be what she wants to be as well, and that is to be re-incarnated as a monarch butterfly instead of an Angel because she loves them and would like to float around flying in flowers all day if it’s ok with God.. So I jokingly said so when I die you want me to gather up all my friends in Heaven and come to your house as a bunch of butterflies .. She said yeah cause that’s what I’m gonna do if I can..well today I went out in the back and there were a whole bunch of Monarchs flying around and I watched them for a long time smiling then I came in the house and got my iPad to video them, here they are.. Butterflies from heaven.

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