Finally Friday

Somehow my dog has figured out that I can’t hear very he assists the alarm clock at waking me up, he barks to go out and he barks to come back in cause it’s chilly outside this morning.. His name is Patches, he was dumped on the side of the road when he was a puppy, and my sons girlfriend sent him to me, he was supposed to be a small white fuzzy puppy.. Well he’s fuzzy and white but he is full sized.. I am an animal lover , if I could afford the food I would take them all in..I feed all the animals that I can.
I have a new kitten her name is Lizard, she is a polydactyl, I think that might be why they named her Lizard..polydactyl sort of sounds like a lizard name.
She is a black cat, which superstition says is unlucky, but she has extra toes ( polydactyl) which superstition says is lucky, so I think she’s just normal..
Except it looks like she’s wearing mittens..
I have to pay the tax man today, property taxes were due the 15th, I’m 2 days guy at work told me he always pays his a year late..? .. I wonder when I started not caring if I paid my bills on time? Is that a sign of the times? Or a sign of stress? Or both?
I also have a fat black & white cat, a old mama cat, that I call “fatty”, she’s got a mustache and she’s Mexican, born in a place called Bucerias, which is a Canadian enclave about 15 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico… I lived in PV from 2000-2008, that’s when I acquired Fatty, in 2003, at the Grand Velas Resort where I worked selling timeshare..
The sun is coming up time to Thank God for giving me another day… ciao!

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