Rainy Monday

My dog woke me up a few minutes after 4 am, he was letting me know that it was raining I guess, he’s figured out that when it storms we go in the back bedroom ( the safe room ) and take the fat cat and the lizard kitten with us and shut the door so we all stay in together..you might say I am a little paranoid. I was in a tornado in 1991..the same place I live now only then I lived in a mobile home, and now I live in “a bunker”. This house is bermed on two sides and has 8 inch concrete walls…just in case. I have a hard time dealing with Arkansas weather, cause the severe storms give me anxiety attacks and the cold and the damp hurts my old injuries from that day..so today I’m achey, and according to all the forecasts the persimmons have spoons inside them so we are in for a long snowy winter. I’ve ordered two ricks of seasoned wood already and have some other to buy from my little sister, that I have to go get..I still need a rick of good green wood, and I need to call and have the heat pump serviced, then I guess I’ll be ready? Vladimir Putin threatened to use 5000 nuclear warheads on us in a roundabout way..if that happens I guess we will all stay warm 😉

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