Lazy Friday night

Well I had a day off today from my part time job, I don’t start my full time job till this coming Monday,I had a back ache today so I have mostly laid around and read a little..watched the Lizard-cat kitten play kitty soccer with the empty spools of thread that I threw in the floor for her to play with…I’m supposed to be doing the blog thing.. this …first thing in the morning. Today I just laid back down on the couch and napped awhile. They had another school shooting in Seattle today I guess it was a Indian native boy from the way he looked he killed another kid, it’s all over the Internet and tv I can only not want to imagine the horror of the children’s parents.. All the dreams were just plucked away, all the future plans, everything destroyed in a few minutes..that song ” everything can change in a New York minute ” is so horribly true.. I know in my life it has changed like that several Grandpa dying when I was 4, ” Where is he? He’s gone to heaven..can I go see him? Not now!”… The car wreck before carseats when we rolled the ole Buick sideways end over end.. off Horn Hill..all the way to the bottom.. The roof smashed flat on top of the headrests in the seats..all that saved me was the clean laundry cushioning the tumbling & my pre-teenage Aunt Barbara asked me.. Where’s your car.. I said its gone.. It went to heaven!.. My first nose breaking experience..then shortly after that while I was still in shock- not even fully recovered from the wreck there was that damned airplane crash…a plane crashed in my Grandma Martin’s field, I think they said there were 8 people on it.. They all blew up and fell down in the apple trees by the barn, me and David got out of the truck and saw the pieces falling all around us, I remember a hand with a ring on it.. My Daddy shooed us back in the truck and we went back to Grandmas house and called the police.. They sent a bunch of ambulances and I remember seeing them leave driving real slow thru the pasture on the way out the gate.. And I kept saying ” where’s the people? Where’s the people? And nobody would answer… After that we didn’t talk very much about it for awhile caused I cried a lot..and after that when I would go to visit we would go over to the airport which was pretty close to my Grandmas house and we would watch the planes take off and land I guess that was therapy..- and sometime shortly after that I was molested by my lowlife cousin who was old enough to drive, but in my mind not old enough to die and I didn’t want my Daddy to go to prison so I didn’t say a word, till after my Dad died, a long time later.. He’s in prison now, for what he did to me and a lot of other kids in the family..All this happened before I went into first grade, and I almost forgot being ran over by the young yearling cows, cause I had to shine the flashlight in their eyes after my Daddy told me not too..I had eggs in my pocket and you guessed it like everything else…THEY WERE GONE! – and that concludes part one of the “gone” series.. God Bless those poor people in Marysville, Washington.


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