Saturday morning

Funny how Saturday always reminds me of cartoons, I’m funny that way everything reminds me of some other moment.. I guess you could say that I live in the past quite a bit, a friend that I chat with told me ” I don’t talk about the past”.. I was thinking .. Wow, if nobody did that .. What kind of world would we have? If you turned on the tv and the only thing you could see was what was happening at this very moment or see the forecast for the future if this continues..??? Maybe it would be a good thing? I love history, I used to escape to it in books and stories passed down thru the family, I do genealogy which involves living backwards from now back to my ancestors.. I got back to Adam and Eve on my Dads side so maybe I can stop now.. My Dad told me one time when I was a teenager.. ” Quit trying to be something you’re not” maybe finally now at this moment I can be me, true to my real self and living in this moment, not in the past and not what I want or dream of in the future but the reality of “right now”, with the me that I am, the one I was born, the real me, not anybody else’s version, I think I’ ll try it for just one day and see how it goes…ciao!


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