Monday before the cold of November

Tomorrow it’s supposed to get cold, I dread it…one of my old friends passed away this last week, his name was Tim.. He was a character, everybody knew him, he was the kind of person you either instantly liked or instantly couldn’t stand.. When I first met him when I was in Jr. High school I couldn’t stand him , cause he had a real potty mouth.. He said the “f” word a lot all changed when I heard him play the guitar and laugh, that must have been sometime in high school at some party I wasn’t supposed to be at.. Probably around the time I was 17 or 18 and had wheels to go out in the world..then I sort of changed my opinion of him a little from ” he’s a thug” to what a “gifted, sarcastic, charming young man”… Then when I was 21 I married another one like him because he was the wildest thing I ever seen and I thought I could tame him..I never did , but Tim was his second cousin.. Tim did a lot of a few of us did at that time in the late 70’s and early 80’s, my now ex husband played music in a heavy metal band and sometimes Tim played lead guitar, he was good , God he could play! Tim had a hard time keeping a woman because he loved them all, the only one I ever heard him admit to loving was a girl I rode the school bus with, and he said that she was the most original woman he had ever met and he loved her style, he married her and they had a son, he came to our house to tell us he was going to be a Dad and leave a legacy of a real live person on this earth and he needed a name that would be unusual and unique and sound famous.. Payne Stewart was playing Golf on tv and kicking the other golfers butt, so I said what about ” Payne” ?-and he looked at me and giggled, he was a giggler.. Then a few days or weeks later he came back and told me he dreamed he died and then he went to the moon and it was the most amazing dream cause it was like it was real..I told him it would probably happen cause my Dad told me that when he has premonitions about things that later happen they are always dreams that feel real..I told him if he got there before me to make sure and wave at me so I know he got there ok, and of course he giggled and looked at me with twinkly eyes..and he said he would…


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