Last day of November 2014

It is windy today, spring time type weather. I have a headache so the barometric pressure must be dropping..funny how I have become a weather station as I have gotten older..I’m 52 and beginning to feel the effects of aging, and surviving a tornado a** kicking..I’m stilling good shape for an old woman, at least most of the ones I see.. 😉 I work today in the garden..I hope we are busy..I’ll take a turkey sandwich for lunch…I’m back to one job now, which is fine with son and then Summer and Kenzie moved back in, it seems that life is not that easy out in the real world after all..I laid down the law once again…I’m not putting up with arguments and bullshit…I wonder how people can live like that? I been there and done that already..I turned off the alarm so I could sleep in and I still woke up at 4 am, I put Patches out a couple of times but he doesn’t like the wind, so he barks to come back in pretty quick..I’ll be back to working on my Moms building and my freight agent training now..since I have more time to do it..I’ve been thru a pot of coffee already but it was a small pot of 5 regular cups, I turn it into 2 mugs.. I can always take more and turn it into less..I guess we had a nice Thanksgiving, I plugged in the digital picture frame with the pictures of Erica, and turned it over to God once again..


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