December 3, 2014

It’s already December, where did this year go? I have to get a real tree this year, I think they are better for some reason, maybe it’s the smell? I remember one of my favorite times at Christmas was getting bundled up and going out to the thicket by the church at our place and trying to find the perfect cedar tree.. My Dad would let my Mom look until she thought she found it then he would chop it down with an ax and drag it home and we would put it in a big bucket of rocks and water it,..then after Christmas we would use it for a much for Christmas! Growing up poor Christmas was not that much about what you got but what you did to enjoy it, we always went to the Christmas parade, I missed that this year again.. We always drove around “the rich” neighborhoods and looked at the lights, they were the ones behind Gene Patrick they just look like houses to me, I never realized how poor we were..I always felt rich even though we never had much money, my parents were good at pinching pennies, they were both raised in the Great Depression, my Dad told me that they were so poor they didn’t feel it was any different from any other time, that if they didn’t grow it in the garden or kill it hunting they didn’t eat, so they kept busy working and hunting..all those people that knew how to survive with nothing are dying off now, instead of people counting on a garden they count on Uncle SAMs snap people pay thousands to trophy hunt and hang endangered species on their walls..and poor people don’t even know how to cook beans..? I fear for our future.. Baa humbug


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