Saturday between birthdays

Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, she was 48. Tomorrow is my son’s birthday, he’ll be 27. I made a vanilla cake with cream cheese icing and we had leftover vanilla ice cream from Thanksgiving, I sent my sister a text message and told her happy 48th, she said “thanks”.. I lost her a long time ago, because of an abuser…my Mom called yesterday morning and asked if Bryan was here and I told her he was asleep, she said wake him up cause I want to tell him “Happy Birthday” .. I said,”Mama, it’s not his birthday yet, his is is Diana’s birthday!”..She said “oh”..”I’ll call her then”.. ( I think it’s Alzheimer’s..)
She said your sister was so excited when he was born..I said, mama she wasn’t even around then..she said ” she wasn’t?”.. It’s getting challenging to say the least..but I keep trying..
Today is supposed to be the “river walk” at Dogpatch, it starts at noon ..Dogpatch used to be a local hillbilly theme park with Al Capps comic strip characters.. It went out of business in the 80’s.. And now finally they have sold it to someone who is going to reopen it..I should be excited I loved that place when I was a kid..I might go today it’s sort of dreary weather.
On an up note, we got the old tree out of the closet yesterday, Kenzie decorated it..(with a little help)


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