Reflecting on Bryan

Yesterday was my son’s 27th birthday, I got him a card with a 91 million dollar winning Mega Million lottery ticket, he seemed pleased. I figure he’ll end up with half of it and then I can retire and let him pay the bills. I told him the story about when he was born, how they accidentally slipped and cut my bladder while they were doing the caesarean and how I nearly died.. But they took the sheet off me when I started having a heart beat after hearing him cry for the first time,I was in another place and somebody said that they would take me back across the river,, the place was beautiful and so were the people there…maybe it was him ? I woke up to bright white and then the sheet came off.. My Dr. Was looking down at me with tears in his eyes and I said “are you crying?”.. He said “we thought we lost you.” I said, ” I’m back”…
I must be hard to kill. I had whooping cough when I was 6 weeks old,
I heard two different people get blamed for giving it to me.. One was my Uncle’s kids.. My first cousins.. And the second was my Great Uncle’s kids my second cousins.. It might have been both.. Whoever it was they had older kids that were sick with it and they came to see my Grandma and I guess I was there and contracted it.. It sounded bad to me, they said I turned blue and couldn’t breathe from all the stuff clogging my air passages, my Mom and my Grandma Martin ( my Mom’s mom) turned me upside down and stuck their fingers down my throat to get me cleaned out and opened up.. It was a 24-7 operation, my Grandma told me one time she thought she lost me cause I was blue and she yelled “breathe,” in my face and I finally took a gulp of air..she sit up with me at night, so my Mom could during the day, my Grandma was a most beautiful, gentle and kind woman. I miss her.
Back to my son, my son was born on Pearl Harbor day. It was pre-arranged that way on a Monday..he told me one time he thought he might be a re-incarnated Japanese person because he likes old Nissans..he is very analytical, he’s a laid off car mechanic at the moment but he returns to school in January to learn more fabrication skills, like welding..
He was never sick when he was a baby and nothing bad happened to him till he was 3 1/2 years old and happened to get hit head on with a tornado, I hung onto him so all he lost was half of his middle “bird” finger on his right hand..he stuck his hand out of the coat I had him wrapped up in and grabbed ahold of my hair about the same time I got hit with a cast iron fireplace insert, they said his little 3 year old finger being there took enough impact off my head that it probably saved me. And at the same time me hanging onto him and trying to protect him with my body saved him, so I guess you could say we are close.. We nearly died together, more than once.



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