Tuesday muddy Tuesday

I should have something to say today but I don’t so I went outside barefooted to take Patches out and it’s muddy and spring like weather today even though it’s December in Arkansas.. I’m glad I’m not sick at my stomach today, yesterday I was nauseous all day, and had a tummy ache, today I can drink coffee so that’s a good sign.. I will be cleaning house and cooking a pot of beans today, I know it’s sick but I enjoy that.. I’m pretty easy to please.. A fixer… But that’s another long story..

I had a job at a temp agency but I lost it the day after Thanksgiving, evidently I didn’t live up to their expectations, they will probably have a hard time finding anybody who will, unlike me, she is not easy to please..but that’s ok cause, just like I told the lady, if you don’t want me here that’s ok cause that just means God has something better for me…that prompted her “go to Hell look”…And sure enough at the other job I was “dismissed” from I was making $10.25 an hour plus OT and at the one I’m fixing to start I will be making $10.90 plus OT -so because of her I got a raise! God is Great! But the bad news is I’ll probably have to give up my other part time job and just concentrate my off work time to my family and my home based business that I have just started.. So today the sun is shining, and the future is bright, even if it is muddy from all the November rain and my dog is awesome!


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