I call my cat Fatty, but she has had a lot of names since my son begged me into taking her, first we thought she was a male, so she’s been accused of being trans gender..she has a mustache, she’s Mexican, undocumented and illegal,..I’m pretty sure, but I did bring her across the border so I am equally guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive.. She has had an interesting life to say the least..she was born in a little town called Bucerias which is a Canadian enclave about 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. She was left on a doorstep because she was unwanted, maybe her mother didn’t know who her father was I don’t know…she was found on my friend Eva’s doorstep..
Eva is a very kind beautiful Polish woman who immigrated to Canada from Poland during WW2, then met Andre and sailed from Canada to Hawaii and then Tahiti after they retired, then back across the Pacific to Puerto Vallarta, where they sold the sailboat and built a house in Bucerias and Eva decided to open her own private animal rescue..Fatty was one of the beneficiaries of that great act of kindness..I worked with Eva and Andre at the Grand Velas when it was under construction, we were all in pre- sales..Eva brought a box of kittens to work with her and used the unique begging method and managed to get my son to beg until I caved and we had just got a puppy the week before.. My friend Gringo Jerry came up to me when I was holding her and said ” I wonder if that cat knows that it just won the Lottery?, it will never be a cat taco, won’t be cold or hungry, and probably never have fleas and always have a nice home..!” Sometimes I ask her how it feels to know you won the lottery?


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