Cloudy with a chance of sunshine

Today is Friday, payday! and after the electric bill, phone and Internet bill were paid I had approximately $45 left.. So I bought dog food, coffee, dishwashing soap and toilet paper, ( the necessary items ) then gas for the old vehicle and I was back to zero again..Thank you God for helping me have enough! I start a new full time permanent job on Monday, I’m very thankful for that because it has been a hell of a year..last year about this time I was working at a halfway decent job that was going downhill fast, I got terminated the day after Christmas, so then I was on unemployment since then, until it ran out.
The man that supposedly wanted to marry me, left about the middle of January, I had been trying to run him off for months. I guess me being laid off and telling him I had no intention of going back to work was more than he could take, I was so relieved he left. He let the cat out of the bag when he took me with him to his bankruptcy lawyer and his lawyer asked me why I didn’t sell my house and pay off his bankruptcy? I said cause our stuff is separate and will be staying that way..I guess I don’t play well with others, not much into losing my small threads of freedom in the name of something that to me sounds sort of like prison. I was married once, so I have done my time. I guess I had a bad experience. I am happy being me and single, I think I’m claustrophobic. That’s why next year about this time I’ll be in Colorado learning how to ski, and enjoying the wide open spaces.


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