Saturday the 13th

Sometimes I have no clue why I even try to do this early in the morning..then I read a few other people’s really intelligent Blogs and get an idea or two what to talk about, so today… Here’s my ramble :.

I have decided to do my own thing, most of my life I have done what other people have decided for me and then wondered why I have been so frustrated, that dream other people created is not working for me..nobody will like it when I tell them, so maybe I won’t, a for sale sign should be a good clue. A wise person once told me what would you do if you knew you were dying?.. I got some bad news for you.. You are!

I have the ability to keep trying, my Dad told me that when you get bucked off the horse you have to get back on or the horse has won, only after you have landed on your back do you know how hard that is to do, but once you are back in the saddle you forget your backache for a minute. It took me a long time to accept myself as I am.IMG_0089

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