Sunday in the Garden

Today will be a busy day, I have to work then tonight I have 2 parties, one is a church dinner with my Mom at 6:00 and the other is a work party that I will be at after it starts, stylishly late, probably un-stylishly dressed, I looked in the closet this morning.. I got rid of my nice dress somewhere..probably donated it to the last tornado victims or it’s somewhere in the attic-(but I’m pretty sure I cleaned the boxes out of the attic, when I got Christmas stuff down..) I was in a tornado, I got whacked in the head, can you tell?
I usually joke about it, but then people take that as permission to start treating me like I’m retarded, so I probably shouldn’t tell people without a clue a previous brain injury = mental problems…
I really want to go see the Handel concert at the First Presbyterian church tonight’s the starts at 7:30 can I squeeze in 3 places? I’ll think about it today while I’m selling Christmas trees, I’m gonna miss that job…
I start my new job tomorrow evening at 4pm, back to the grind.. It won’t be as much fun but, who said life was fun? I used to think that..
I worked on my Mom’s store building again yesterday, what a freakin’ mess… I have been cleaning out junk for over a year, very slowly, little by little so she could inspect each item and determine it’s future…I almost have it where you can see all the walls from the front door now.. It’s an old grocery store building probably about 1000 sq. ft. And it was packed to the ceiling with junk when somebody decided to build a fire under the back of there is a hole in the floor that’s burned thru and the rest of it was smoke and fire department water and foam damage..
So it’s my project, if I ever get it cleaned out, it’s gonna be an awesome mini- house… The things you do for Mom..
I found this from Erica in there, it’s from when I was working grave yard shift at the Post Office and her and Bryan would come and wake me up in the afternoon and I was so exhausted, I would say, ” would you please get out of my hair?, and let me sleep?” I miss her..




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