Two for Tuesday

2nd day of the week already, today I have already broken a mini-blind I was trying to raise it and dropped a candle in a glass and broke it on the tile floor, I have days like that sometimes..the tree trimmer guy came down to tell me they would be trimming trees by the power lines and I told him I would like some ground up bark ( mulch ) the neighbors dog nipped him, I had to go out and run “Ball sack” off, he won’t bite me cause I feed him…the guy was staring at my feet cause I went outside barefooted in December, they are also giant feet..he probably was wondering about my sanity… I go barefooted a lot, because shoes are usually not comfortable..due to my “duck feet”🐥and that’s the way I was raised, shoes were a luxury..
I guess my feet are tough, my right foot was supposed to have a dead bone in it because they waited three days to set it and Dr. Vowell told me that there was a 96% chance that the particular bone would die if it was set immediately and that he would set it anyway even though he knew the bone would die, they gave me an epidural and I watched them take the bones out and shuffle them around, they looked like white pencils..then nail my foot back together with a rubber hammer and pins the size of long skinny nails, I just watched sort of in shock that it wasn’t hurting, and I prayed from deep down in my heart…”Dear Lord thank you for Jesus I know when they nailed his feet that he didn’t have an epidural and by his nails I am saved and healed, thank you God for saving me and my family from that tornado I know you can heal my foot, when you can save my soul..your will be done..amen and Thank you God for his nails..”
The Dr. wouldn’t let me put weight on my foot, he said the bone could collapse and he had me come back every month or two for a foot xRay go check the bone health, he told me they would put a piece of plastic in it instead of the armpits were so sore from crutches but the bone in my foot never died..after a year he released me telling me that ” I was the recipient of a miracle” I told him I believed that I was the recipient of many miracles..he just smiled and shook his head..


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