TGIF and its almost over…

It has been my first week back at my job and its been ok..second shift gives me my morning time to blog..I usually get by on 6 hours of heavy sleep..I can go to sleep late and still get up early..
my fat cat knocked the phone off the end table twice this morning so I guess shes back to normal..she did that a lot in Vallarta..
my house looks like a wreck..I’ll clean it tomorrow…
I found Kenzie’s Christmas present yesterday- I just have to go back with dinero to get it…One more week and its over..most of my life Christmas has just presented stress to me..this year will be no different except I don’t care that much about anything anymore..I guess I have finally learned to accept reality and quit fighting it…just go with the flow of the moment..
2015 should be a better year for me..I say that every year..but this year I mean it..
I wonder why we do this to ourselves? Baby Jesus didn’t make a list of things he wanted for Santa Claus..Mother Mary didn’t bake cookies and candy and spread sugar around..And Joseph the great man that he was didn’t rush out to get a tree and lights put up…we have manipulated it to be a big money maker and stress giver to our families..I put up an old tree
and an old wreath..I’m buying one nice present for a little girl that makes me smile and I’m baking a turkey that was extra from Thanksgiving..and baking another pumpkin pie cause I have another can in the pantry.. I’m wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday!

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