2 more days till Christmas..

I have not been good this year, I have tried, but as usual I don’t live up to my expectations, I know I won’t get anything from Santa…I even know that there is not a Santa, but don’t tell anybody…

I did however make a list of things that I would like to have for Christmas:

1. A Man (there has to be more to it than that, or I would have one already) they say you are supposed to be specific in what you want, so let me revise that.. a nice looking man, with a brain, a sense of humor and some money in the bank…preferably single. I guess I am hard to handle, or I haven’t found anything worth keeping yet. I’ll die single and I’m ok with that..

2. To see Cecily, I have a grand-daughter that is being kept away from me by her mother, as punishment to me and my son, my son wouldn’t marry the girl, so she married someone else and keeps the little girl who is now 5 from seeing us at all.

3. To have an easy day today at work and to get my Christmas shopping done tomorrow… and to cook, and bake..

maybe I can pull off the last one, I’ll make that my goal and see if it’s achievable…

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus! (even if you weren’t born in December)

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