this year’s theme…

today is 1/1/2015..wooo hooo! New Year’s Day! I ate enough black eyed peas to cover the 365 days of this year (it takes one for each day) I been trying to figure out what my resolution is and they are all the same old generic ones.. lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, those are my ongoing failures, I try but God help me, I have to have a cookie now and then..and I still put regular sugar and milk in my coffee..they say that sugar is bad for you but it’s like the only bad thing I have left.. my last addiction. I exercise a lot at work, it’s not a desk job. I do that at home. I think it might be get totally out of debt but I don’t know if I can hack the 12 equal monthly payments and still eat and put gas in the clunker. I will give a valiant effort to it at least, as long as the overtime continues I might succeed. I drank less than 24 oz. of Corona to celebrate the new calender, I poured about a third of it down the much for the celebration…It has occurred to me that while I wasn’t paying attention, old age has sneaked up and grabbed me. At least to me it seems like that last few years have been a time that I have been forced into a form of maturity, or conformity to the monotony would be a more correct term. When is it that we give up on what we want and do what is expected of us? is it instilled in us early on or do we acquire it out of despair?..For me I think it has been both… Good thing I signed up for online yoga.. I might find myself? Next year when it turns 2016 I think I’ll go to the New Year’s Party at the Crystal Bridges Art Gallery, or at least I wrote it on my new calender…

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