my healthcare debacle

They mandated that all of us have Healthcare, so since I was laid off the day after Christmas I signed up for it on the failed government website, ( I should have known better to trust anything with gov in it..anyway the questions asked were have you had insurance in the last 90 days and lost it due to a loss of employment, and I answered yes, and supplied the information about my previous insurance that was asked for, then the website replied that due to my income I was not qualified for the Federal program, that I needed to sign up for the state program, so I go to the Arkansas website and proceed to try to sign up there and it tells me to go the local DHS office and fill out a paper application, so I did. On the paper form it asked for my race and since I do genealogy and recently discovered I have a (6) Great grandfather that was a Great Warrior of the Cherokee nation I proudly mark two boxes, White and Native American, so a few months later I get a letter that says that I am approved for Regular Medicaid since I marked Native American as a race, otherwise I would be in a new program called, “transitional Medicaid” I thought, well, I’m glad they finally got that figured out.

About a month later I got another medical insurance card from United Healthcare, that was the same medical insurance I had at my previous employer.

And then about a month or two later I got another letter from Arkansas’s expanded Medicaid that said that I was being put into a program called Qual Choice because I was not “medically frail”,and did not require daily care, I guess they forgot about the Native American ancestry?

Then about a week ago I got a card that looks like a credit card but it’s an Individual Healthcare Care from, and it is supposed to cover out of pocket expenses like co-pays, and the monthly payment ranges from $5-$25 based on my income. They also told me how to use my Medicaid number for extra benefits, like non-emergency transportation, wouldn’t emergency transportation make more sense?

So after all this, I now have a regular full-time permanent job and I will have medical insurance thru my employer at a very affordable cost.. so I have to figure out how to turn all this government insurance off once that goes into effect, unless I am allowed to keep it and pay the subsidized premiums and be super insured, this should be very interesting…

I will keep you posted.

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