Sunday off

I have been working too much, today was my day off. I have not done much today, I swept the floors and mopped this morning and then I worked on my bills. A long time ago I broke my right ankle and now my left ankle is having sympathy is really strange.

It’s probably just a coincidence but the lizard cat (poly dactyl) has learned how to push the power button on the tower and turn off the computer.. today was the third time, so I think it might be on purpose now.

My Mom called me twice today, we talked about the same things over and over, she’s 83.

I am ready to sell everything and go back to Puerto Vallarta and live the rest of my time there or Huatulco, but my son and his girlfriend have picked this opportune time to make me a Grandma…and my Mom has all kinds of “projects” for me to complete for her on my one day off..I said I would retire at 55, so they have the next 3 years and then I am outta here…

Can you tell that I am frustrated?

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