Snow day

Today was the first snow of the year, it started last night with sleet and gradually turned to heavy snow by this morning. I turned Patches out to play in the snow and had to go out and drag him back in on the leash. He was chasing the neighbor’s horses, not fast just annoying them barking and trotting after them..enough to be a pest. I made soup. It was a bunch of chicken and vegetables, it was perfect with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I folded the laundry and listened to country music on the radio, I burned up the remnants of the firewood that was already in the woodbox.
I don’t know if work will be cancelled tomorrow but the plant was closed today. It’s sort of nice to get an extra day home now and then..I guess in the “old days” before cars and plants people just stayed home all day and cooked food from the cellar or went hunting for meat.. I know my Dad told me when he was a boy if you didn’t grow it or kill it you didn’t have anything to eat… This day and age people would starve without a grocery store.

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