“Closet People” and other atrocities

I haven’t been blogging much lately, so I am trying to make amends. I read today where a couple died shielding their 18 month old daughter in Nashville, Arkansas.  These people died for what they loved… actions speak louder than words.

I ran into a very drunk woman the other night at the bar in the little town where I work, we sometimes go there on Friday and have one Corona and then go home, she was very comical, and she brought up a subject called “Closet People”…she said that was what she called people who point their finger at others and call them druggies and then as soon as they are away from the crowd, they say “Hey, can you get me some?” so she made a valid point. I call them hypocrites…She kept staring at my hair, I think she was judging me into that “druggie” category because my hair is quite wild when I remove the hairnet that I am required to wear at work. I don’t do drugs, and I don’t drink very much, my biggest vice is coffee with sugar and milk. I eat too much sugar, that would probably be my only addiction, except the guy that I take to the bar.

My life seems to be in slow motion here lately, maybe it’s allergies? I have given up my need to hurry.

I should be mowing the yard, sometimes it’s best to let the grass grow under your feet a little. I didn’t mow my yard for years, I just called it “the habitat” and let it get tall in most places. Sometimes I would mow a path, that’s about it, this year I’m trying to mow, so far I only have a small amount of tall grass… maybe this week I might weed eat, unless I decide to stay in the closet.

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