The middle of October this year is unlike other election October’s in that I know that whatever happens will just happen..and I know whether “crooked”Hillary wins or the pussy grabbing “Don” we will certainly have an apocalypse ..

So my question is who are the clowns? Are they Democrats or Republicans? They like to jump out and scare people and they are not who they appear to be so… Is that a Red State? And that blood they wear on the clown face, is that fake blood or real blood, and when we have that revolution the Russians are planning, how many of these clowns.. don’t speak English..? And have the signed up for Medical insurance under Obamacare? If they signed up for Affordable care act it’s ok but if it’s Obamacare they probably are liberals, and they don’t work,.. get food stamps and party all day in the woods so they can go out and scare people at night, they get free everything while they are homeless campers in the woods..have they registered to vote?

this year we have (2) medical marijuana bills on the ballot in Arkansas, that should say a lot about the state of our mindset..God Bless America!๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

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