A Cat’s life

It seems that most of us are content to live in denial. I certainly have spent my time there.. Sometimes life just slips by and we keep so busy on the hamster wheel going nowhere that we lose track of time, for years.

The other day I had to Google, ” how cats age” – she’s 72, if she was an outide cat she’d be 120…

My cat is getting old, she was born in 2003 with a mustache, in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico. Somebody was kind enough to put her and her litter mates in a shoe box and leave them on my friend Eva’s doorstep. Eva is a kind hearted soul from Poland that is married to an equally kind man named André. .

They came from Canada in a sailboat to Bucerias, which is near Puerto Vallarta. Eva loves animals and is too kind not to feed them, the only problem is that André is allergic to them.

Eva worked with me at a resort in Nuevo Vallarta, so she brought the shoebox full of kittens to work one day. And that is how my cat won the kitty cat lottery..My son picked her out of the box and assured me she was a he & her main selling feature was the mustache.

My other friend and co-worker, ” Gringo Jerry” said to me, while I was holding the kitten, ” I wonder if that cats knows he won ” the kitty cat lottery” she’ll never be hungry, she’ll never be a cat taco, she’ll never have fleas, she’ll always be loved.

That was in 2003, this is 2017, time for me to change the cat’s life again.. They say sometimes they can live to be 20.






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