A Cat’s life

It seems that most of us are content to live in denial. I certainly have spent my time there.. Sometimes life just slips by and we keep so busy on the hamster wheel going nowhere that we lose track of time, for years.

The other day I had to Google, ” how cats age” – she’s 72, if she was an outide cat she’d be 120…

My cat is getting old, she was born in 2003 with a mustache, in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico. Somebody was kind enough to put her and her litter mates in a shoe box and leave them on my friend Eva’s doorstep. Eva is a kind hearted soul from Poland that is married to an equally kind man named André. .

They came from Canada in a sailboat to Bucerias, which is near Puerto Vallarta. Eva loves animals and is too kind not to feed them, the only problem is that André is allergic to them.

Eva worked with me at a resort in Nuevo Vallarta, so she brought the shoebox full of kittens to work one day. And that is how my cat won the kitty cat lottery..My son picked her out of the box and assured me she was a he & her main selling feature was the mustache.

My other friend and co-worker, ” Gringo Jerry” said to me, while I was holding the kitten, ” I wonder if that cats knows he won ” the kitty cat lottery” she’ll never be hungry, she’ll never be a cat taco, she’ll never have fleas, she’ll always be loved.

That was in 2003, this is 2017, time for me to change the cat’s life again.. They say sometimes they can live to be 20.






“Closet People” and other atrocities

I haven’t been blogging much lately, so I am trying to make amends. I read today where a couple died shielding their 18 month old daughter in Nashville, Arkansas.  These people died for what they loved… actions speak louder than words.

I ran into a very drunk woman the other night at the bar in the little town where I work, we sometimes go there on Friday and have one Corona and then go home, she was very comical, and she brought up a subject called “Closet People”…she said that was what she called people who point their finger at others and call them druggies and then as soon as they are away from the crowd, they say “Hey, can you get me some?” so she made a valid point. I call them hypocrites…She kept staring at my hair, I think she was judging me into that “druggie” category because my hair is quite wild when I remove the hairnet that I am required to wear at work. I don’t do drugs, and I don’t drink very much, my biggest vice is coffee with sugar and milk. I eat too much sugar, that would probably be my only addiction, except the guy that I take to the bar.

My life seems to be in slow motion here lately, maybe it’s allergies? I have given up my need to hurry.

I should be mowing the yard, sometimes it’s best to let the grass grow under your feet a little. I didn’t mow my yard for years, I just called it “the habitat” and let it get tall in most places. Sometimes I would mow a path, that’s about it, this year I’m trying to mow, so far I only have a small amount of tall grass… maybe this week I might weed eat, unless I decide to stay in the closet.

Snow day

Today was the first snow of the year, it started last night with sleet and gradually turned to heavy snow by this morning. I turned Patches out to play in the snow and had to go out and drag him back in on the leash. He was chasing the neighbor’s horses, not fast just annoying them barking and trotting after them..enough to be a pest. I made soup. It was a bunch of chicken and vegetables, it was perfect with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I folded the laundry and listened to country music on the radio, I burned up the remnants of the firewood that was already in the woodbox.
I don’t know if work will be cancelled tomorrow but the plant was closed today. It’s sort of nice to get an extra day home now and then..I guess in the “old days” before cars and plants people just stayed home all day and cooked food from the cellar or went hunting for meat.. I know my Dad told me when he was a boy if you didn’t grow it or kill it you didn’t have anything to eat… This day and age people would starve without a grocery store.

Sunday off

I have been working too much, today was my day off. I have not done much today, I swept the floors and mopped this morning and then I worked on my bills. A long time ago I broke my right ankle and now my left ankle is having sympathy pains..it is really strange.

It’s probably just a coincidence but the lizard cat (poly dactyl) has learned how to push the power button on the tower and turn off the computer.. today was the third time, so I think it might be on purpose now.

My Mom called me twice today, we talked about the same things over and over, she’s 83.

I am ready to sell everything and go back to Puerto Vallarta and live the rest of my time there or Huatulco, but my son and his girlfriend have picked this opportune time to make me a Grandma…and my Mom has all kinds of “projects” for me to complete for her on my one day off..I said I would retire at 55, so they have the next 3 years and then I am outta here…

Can you tell that I am frustrated?

An Unfinished Battle..

Sad but true…

The Ignited Mind !

HUMAN TRAFFICKING.. the second most organized crime in the entire world after trade of drugs and arms.


Imagine someone deciding your value and selling you off to someone whose totally unknown to you, to a unknown place, somewhere where you’re forced into something you never dreamt of in your wildest nightmares, imagine landing up there one day ! Seems disastrous, isn’t it? every year 11th of January is recognized to be a day for spreading awareness on human trafficking and hence I deemed it fit to bring up this topic.


This is merely the beginning of a never ending nightmare, which zillions of girls and women face each day, across the world. Girls and women are sold off to prospective buyers and pushed either into flesh trade, or  into bonded labor. Irrefutable is the fact that trafficking of women and children is a grave violation of human Rights and one…

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