When I was a kid we didn’t take vacations, most farm kids don’t, especially in Arkansas..we did however get blessed with a local theme park called “Dogpatch”. It was based on characters from Al Capps cartoon strip, and it was about us hillbillies, we were actually glamorized there..I just wanted to be like Daisy May..We made the short trip to the park once a year, every summer vacation. A day of rest and relaxation a year, once in the summer seemed to tide us over until Christmas.


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The first of January

Cristian Mihai

snowEach year, on the first of January, we look back on the year that has passed and try to see the good, the bad, to figure out how to make things better. We try to learn form the past, and probably, we also spend a lot of time imagining a better future.

We have 365 days to change what needs changing, to become better, smarter, happier. Our hearts filled up with renewed hope and dreams and expectations, we make plans and lists.

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Today was a do nothing day, I fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast, ate breakfast with Kenzie and then we watched some Sponge Bob and I went to take a nap and then I woke up at 6 pm, what a little nap! I must have been exhausted…The weather is colder than usual for January, another Arctic Blast has arrived. Tomorrow is the start of a new week, it will probably be about a 6 day week. When it’s cold I don’t mind working a lot, hopefully it will make spring arrive quicker..I’m planning on growing a big garden this year, and buying a couple of sheep.. and maybe a little pony for Kenzie.I have a big project to do with the store building at my Mom’s, it’s gonna be a total remodel. There is a lot of Flu going around, I hope I don’t get it. Kenzie named her new Christmas puppy Bella, she’s Chihuahua and Rat Terrier and the cat’s are terrified of her.. maybe they know something I don’t?