Brief ramble

I slept I till 6am, today is the first day of deer season. My Dad used to take me hunting, I miss that.. He started taking me hunting with him when I was 4 years old.. If you have never been coon hunting it’s quite an experience it requires taking dogs and guns and a chopping axe-and flashlights and a lantern, into the worst part of the woods after 10 pm.. So here I am a 4 year old being toted around the woods on my Daddy’s shoulder.. I saw a post on Facebook this morning from one of my friends who is taking his son who is almost 18 on a deer hunt this morning, he said he was running behind in the making memories department or something like that..I have to say my Daddy already had making memories on his priority list right after putting food on the table..he sold coon hides and we ate a lot of squirrels. We always had two freezers of food, a barn full of hay for the cows and a truckload of potatoes layered on the floor of the barn, under straw.. My Dad didn’t lay on the couch much.. He was always on the go..working.
The problem with much of the kids today is they don’t have a good set of parents… My parents were the most hardworking, decent people you could imagine..I was blessed to be born into their arms. My Mom is 83 now, she retired at 80, after 10 mini strokes, we made her. She takes care of the whole world all by herself, if somebody shows up at her house with a hard luck story she’ll take them in, Lord knows how many people she’s had me run off cause they took advantage of her… I know for a fact that she has helped me many times when I told her not to, she did anyway..she’s stubborn like that…almost as hard headed as my Daddy, I am afraid they might have passed that trait on to me I seem to be more and more like them everyday…how lucky I am!

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